Poly Pad Mixing Pads

Poly Pad Mixing Pads
Item# poly-pad-mixing-pads

Product Description

Dental Mixing Pads are amiable in different sixes and packs. These pads are actually mixing surfaces with plastic coating and have anti-slip bases with waterproof layering. Each sheet is coated with plastic on both of the sides and can be used with each and every dental materials. There is no diffusion of material from one layer to the next.

These Dental Mixing Pads made from the highest quality Paper with zero-slip backing. You will find them in convenient size and these easy to use-simple, pull-off sheets will not stick to the parchment material or poly pad polymer. One can dispose them after use, thus making fast and easy use of them.

These easy to use and simple, pull-off sheets are disposable after use and will not attach to the poly pad polymer material. These offer greater convenience for high-quality mixing of the material with the catalyst. These form a nonskid foam base with polyethylene coating and can be used for composites, cements, rubber base materials and silicates. You can pick from different sizes for your needs. The mixing should be done speedily by blending the powder and the liquid for 30 seconds on Dental Mixing Pads.

Generally these are available in four sizes and there are 100 sheets in each pad.