Gradia Direct Restorative Composite A2 Syringe 5gm

Gradia Direct Restorative Composite A2 Syringe 5gm
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Product Description

GRADIA DIRECT is a light-cured, micro-filled hybrid resin composite with microfine pre-polymer resin fillers, a unique coupling agent and urethane dimethacrylate co-monomer matrix. This product offers significant advantages in aesthetics, polishability, wear resistance and fracture toughness. Designed to be the best enamel replacement ever, GRADIA DIRECT has tooth-like color reflection, absorption and life-like optical properties including: brightness, translucency and warmth.

Anterior shades sculpt readily Posterior shades offer strength and body Plenty of working time, even in strong ambient light Not sticky, so it shapes and sculpts easily; material can be add or removed with an artistís brush Provides outstanding aesthetics without sacrificing strength, durability and longevity High fracture toughness Low modulus of elasticity permits exceptional resistancy to bending and cracking caused by occlusal forces High wear resistance for posterior restorations Extremely durable