Fortis Disposables Prophy Angles

Fortis Disposables Prophy Angles
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Product Description

The Fortis Prophy Angle has been engineered to run longer and smoother with less chatter, providing superior comfort with less hand fatigue than traditional angles. Independent testing has confirmed that the design of the Fortis angle out-performed all other disposable prophy angles with respect to ease of use.

These prophy angles have a second generation gear design with ergonomic grips that reduce the potential fatigue through the hand and arm. The cups are 100% latex free and are available in Soft Cup, Firm Cup, Pedo Cup and Tapered Brush.

Features: - 2nd generation gear design - No overheating - Ergonomic grips - 100% Latex-free cups - Available in Soft Cup, Firm Cup, Pedo Cup and Tapered Brush - Available in 100/Pk